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ATM 2016 Resources

The JS-EDEN environment has two variants. and

We shal be using both, in the first and second parts of the session respectively.

For the 'scifest' variant:

  • The Shopping construal and Shopping game can be accessed from the Project List.
  • There is a tutorial paper associated with the Shopping theme here.
  • The Getting Started wth JS-Eden worksheet can be found here as a .pdf.

For the 'nick' variant:

  • Guidance for the Giving Change construal extension of Shopping can be found here. (The principles used to load this construal apply to other construals in the project repoistory.)
  • Resources associated with 'ratio' can be found here.
  • A construal associated with linear algebra can be found in the project repository at the location: wmb/linearalgebra/experiential/intro