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Agenda for TPM2

Agenda Items for the second transnational project meeting M2

Project management

  • Management committee and meetings (cf. Progress Report) (MJ)
  • Developments in course of the year such as Erkki to Turku and British Council developments (MJ)
  • Distribution of work / roles of partners (MB, MJ)
    • website / dissemination
    • development of resources
    • practical organisation of dissemination and trialling events
    • consultants / evaluation
    • attendance at meetings - how might change
    • communication
    • budget issues - accountability (Quality document)
    • risks - claims in Progress Report
  • Dates for meetings to be decided well in advance (MJ)
  • Ethics protocols (MJ)

Project Implementation

  • Review the reports at the following webpage (MJ)

  • Feedback on the draft (incomplete) Interim Report and the reports at the following webpage (MJ)

  • Status of the open online course (MB, SR)
    • Technical developments
    • Evaluation matters
  • Prospects for Virtual Workshops (MB)
  • Review dissemination over the year, critique our performance (RA, MB)
    • low attendance at dissemination events
    • mixed reception for publications
    • concentration on UK and Greek partners
    • check dissemination table updates / status
  • Review social media presence - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (RA)
  • Initiatives including CAS, BETT and IGGY (MB)
  • Video tutorial resources / cartoon-style animation / in-tool documentation / commentary / voiceover (EH)
  • Management of construals: how archive and control versions? (EH)
  • Conference planning
    • national CONSTRUITer comunities (SR)
      • webpage
      • local self-sustaining events
      • virtual workshops
    • topics for construal projects e.g. (MB)
      • an opera, a walk, Rostock identification of Germany game
      • teaching music and medicine
  • Liaison with other projects such as TACCLE3 (all)
  • Extended visits for 2015-6: Andres / Carolina? Rene / Ilkka? (DA, MT)
  • Recruitment for C6 (all)

Project strategy

  • Review the documentation of 'activities directed at generating IOs' (MB)

  • Face-to-face project implementation meetings A13, A14, A15 not a good idea? (all)
  • C11, C12, C13 coinciding with SciFest C8, C9, C10 problematic where project team concerned (all)
  • The questionnaire - status of this (PK)
  • Auditable evidence of work done? (MJ)
  • Reporting obligations: A1-A6, O2-A2 and O3-A2 (MB)
    • how far the evaluation promises have been fulfilled (O3-A1)
    • how / how far partners have played the roles assigned to them
  • C14 "a key issue moving forward as conveying what added value there is in making construals" (all)
  • Dearth of makers! - vital to address (all)
    • importance of paper / classroom resources
    • culturally lagging behind other school resources
    • cf. Scratch, processing, Arduino
    • need to embrace other promotional models
  • Funding for a follow-up project? (DA, PK)