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Ideas for activities

Possible exercises

There are several useful tasks for which we would be glad to have your support, either now or in the future. We are particularly interested in feedback that may help us prepare for SciFest at Joensuu in May 2016.

There are few illustrative construals for the (new) CONSTRUIT! environment at present. This is in contrast with the project archive for the original desktop version of EDEN which you can find at

and in the WEB-EM archive at .

Web EDEN (when it is working) is also a source of examples - you can see screenshots here.

We don't yet have much feedback on the construals that have been developed in the new environment. Your comments on any of the construals listed in the C6 schedule would be valuable. If you prefer you can make a construal of your own and comment on your experience. It would be helpful if you connect 'network remote' to our server before you do your development.

Here are some activities you might like to try out / tasks you may wish to attempt.

  • Extending the room example - see the MCE: roomexercise
  • Exploring the SciFest construals: - see e.g. the MCE: hexcolouring
  • The Matchbox Educable Noughts-and-Crosses engine (MENACE - Donald Michie)
  • Revise Ant Harfield's workshop for schoolchildren delivered at C2 which introduces the basic features of the MCE with reference to a construal of the solar system. You can finr the original worksheet here. The latest version (work-in-progress) MCE: C2/intro and MCE: C2/solar.
  • Deriving classroom activities to support learning about giving change from the givingchange construal.
  • Generalise the principle used in the triangle worksheet (Hamish) MCE:examples/triangle.
  • Explore collaborative construction.

Please give feedback on the MCE and any related issues on the Moodle forum.