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Learning agenda for C6

  • what is making a construal? how does it differ from writing a program?
  • "making connections in experience" vs "recipe for action to achieve a goal"
  • "person making sense of a situation" vs "a mind following rules"
  • Practical experience of the environment for making construals [MCE]
    • scripts and observable, dependency, agency
    • 'making connections'
    (as set out in the construal of the MCE within the MCE)
  • nature of construals, construal, referent, understanding, context (cf. the purse construal)
  • the nature of the process of making construals
    • development over time in course of construction
    • blending of construals (cf. the 'make from scratch' vending machine construal
  • the relation to conventional programming
  • pedagogical significance for unplugged activity
    (cf. the 'giving change' construal)
  • how domain knowledge and expertise can enable technical development
  • moving from a single agent ("maker") to a multi agent perspective
  • diversity of interpretations of multi-agent
    • agency at the meta level as in many makers collaborating
    • agency within the construal itself as in a concurrent system
  • conceptual support for multi-agent view from the LSD notation & the ADM
    • LSD classifying observables wrt what can be seen and manipulated
    • 'Abstract definite machine (ADM)' as animating interaction
  • technical innovations in the MCE to support this (cf. the Lift adventure exercise)
    • Scoping for generalisation and for prototyping
    • 'when' constructs and how these are interpreted
    • 'agents' in the MCE associated with tabs in the input
  • the contrast between the single and multi agent perspectives:
    (cf. proc+function+include+files vs action('proc macro')+definition+scoping+import+agent-scripts)