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Feedback from Steve Russ

Saturday 27th February 2016

Good response at BSRLM!

We had a very small audience (I think 5 including Heng and the Chair!) but well-informed. Janet Ainley was one and a long-standing friend of hers (Laurinda Brown) from Bristol Education. They were most enthusiastic, saying very complimentary things. Janet's speciality is Primary so the demos were very suitable (she has been HoD at Leicester for many years). We'll see if there is a follow-up. Both Heng and I enjoyed it a lot because of this appreciation and the discussion. Because I had done that written preparation - and practised it a good deal! - I did the whole thing (my part) in 20 mins so there was a full 20 mins for questions and discussion. I was able to clarify and expand through this also.

In our slot this afternoon there were 8 parallel sessions! Janet commented that it was a great shame there were so few people attending. I think I'll try and get Sue Pope on board. She would be a great ally.

I myself learned much from the experience - especially to do with the huge amount of conceptual 'work' that is in the views, not explicitly in the visualisation. This is the most important work the construal 'does', of course.

I wish you had been at the meeting - you would have enjoyed the comments and very positive attitude.

It was very good to meet Dave Hewitt at this meeting - very nice guy indeed. Actually there were some really excellent presentations - one I went to on ratio which was terrific (Marc North, Nottingham) - most stimulating stuff.