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CONSTRUIT! presentation at Aston University March 2017

Mike Joy and Meurig Beynon gave a presentation at Aston University on March 14th 2017.

The CONSTRUIT! Project

CONSTRUIT! is a three year Erasmus+ project, involving six partners led by the University of Warwick and scheduled for completion in August 2017, on the theme of "Making construals as a new digital skill for creating interactive open educational resources".

Where programs reflect the practices of a mind following rules, construals are artefacts developed by a mind making sense of a situation. In this respect, a construal is well-matched to the unconventional role that Seymour Papert had in mind for programs in his constructionist approach to learning: that of objects-to-think-with whose construction obliges the learner to reflect on the basis for their knowledge and in that process enrich their domain understanding.

This seminar will discuss the significance of making construals in relation to three research topics motivated by Papert's work:

  • principles and practices that support constructionism;
  • objects-to-think-with as a basis for novel learning resources;
  • exploiting constructionist principles in the classroom and curriculum.

It will take the form of a reflective illustrated account of the work that has been done towards developing, deploying and evaluating techniques and environments for making construals in the course of CONSTRUIT!.

Resources: .pdt of slides for the talk and link to the associated MCE CONSTRUIT2017 slides resource