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C4 Short-term joint staff training event

The C4 event is a staff training activity that coincides with the final Transnational Project Meeting ("TPM4"/M4) to be held in Warwick from Wednesday July 12th to Monday July 17th 2017. It will incorporate CONSTRUIT 2017 ("The First International Conference on Making Construals"), which will begin on the afternoon of Thursday July 13th and end on the morning of Sunday July 16th.

The principal theme of C4, as set out in the project proposal (p.52) is "experiencing and reflecting on the practical progress on making construals over year 3". The context for C4 is described on p.40 of the project proposal: "The activities associated with the end of year TPM comprise a 'Short term joint staff training event' at which the results of the year's work are presented, and reports (O2-A6, O3-A6) on the findings of the empirical studies that inform the intellectual outputs O2 and O3." In practice, this review activity will relate to all three years of the project, will be integrated into the TPM Implementation agenda and also be in part addressed by the conference programme.

The final Transnational Project Meeting M4

There are three components to the M4 TPM devoted to project implemenation, management and strategy. The key agenda items for the Management and Strategy are as set out at this link. Since the principal issues concerned with implementation have to do with reviewing and reporting, the project implementation agenda will be based on a review of the original project proposal, as set out here.

The core project team attendees who will be attending C4-M4/CONSTRUIT 2017 are

  • Warwick: MSJ, WMB, SBR, Chris Hall, Nick Pope, Elizabeth Hudnott and Jonny Foss.
  • Edumotiva: Dimitris Alimisis
  • UEF: Ilkka Jormanainen
  • Comenius: Peter Tomcsanyi and Michal Winczer
  • Helix5: Piet Kommers and Margriet Simmerling
  • Edinburgh: Hamish Macleod and Jen Ross

To take account of everyone's travel arrangements, the TPM activities will be scheduled to take place between lunchtime on Thursday and lunchtime on Sunday. This means that they will be held in parallel with the CONSTRUIT 2017 conference.

The precise timetable is yet to be worked out, provisionally the project meetings will be at the following times:

  1. Project Implementation: Thursday evening after dinner
  2. Project Management: Friday morning, in parallel with the Workshop Round Robin A session [10.20 - 12.45] Minutes
  3. Project Implementation and Strategy: Friday evening after dinner - notes towards minutes
  4. Project Strategy: Sunday morning in keeping with the 'future directions' theme of the session.

The Project Management meeting will involve only the members of the CONSTRUIT! Management committee. Other people who will be attending the conference will be invited to join us for selected parts of the other meetings: they iinclude Karl King, Antony Harfield, Richard Cartwright, Shri Footring, Lasmia Lancmane, Lolita Meza and Angeliki Theodosi. Others associated with Warwick who may be interested include Russell Boyatt, Margaret Low, Claire Rocks, Kim Stansfield and Ashley Ward. Our keynote speakers and other contributors are also welcome to join us if they are interested.