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PhD theses from the Empirical Modelling research group

John Buckle March 1990 Computational Aspects of Lattice Theory
Simon Yung January 1993 Definitive Programming: a Paradigm for Exploratory Programming
Alan Cartwright July 1994 Application of Definitive Scripts to Computer Aided Conceptual Design
Paul Edward Ness October 1997 Creative Software Development: An Empirical Modelling Framework
Richard Ian Cartwright May 1999 Geometric Aspects of Empirical Modelling: Issues in Design and Implementation
Pi-Hwa Sun July 1999 Distributed Empirical Modelling and its Application to Software System Development
Suwanna Rasmequan November 2001 An Approach to Computer-based Knowledge Representation for the Business Environment using Empirical Modelling
Soha Maad March 2002 An Empirical Modelling Approach to Software System Development in Finance: Applications and Prospects
Yih-Chang Ch'en December 2001 Empirical Modelling for Participative Business Process Reengineering
Jaratsri Rungrattanaubol April 2002 A Treatise on Modelling with Definitive Scripts
Allan Kai Tung Wong January 2003 Before and Beyond Systems: An Empirical Modelling Approach
Chris Roe November 2003 Computers for Learning: An Empirical Modelling Perspective
Ashley Thomas Ward May 2004 Interaction with Meaningful State: Implementing Dependency on Digital Computers
Antony James Harfield January 2008 Empirical Modelling as a new paradigm for educational technology
Zhan En Chan November 2009 Towards efficacious groupware development: an Empirical Modelling Approach
Nicolas William Pope December 2011 Supporting the Migration from Construal to Program: Rethinking Software Development

Empirical Modelling has also featured in a PhD thesis from the University of Eastern Finland:

Ilkka Jormanainen

September 2013

 Supporting Teachers in Unpredictable Robotics Learning Environments