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Ashley Ward's PhD thesis

Ashley Ward Interaction with Meaningful State: Implementing Dependency on Digital Computers. PhD thesis, Department of Computer Science, University of Warwick, UK (May 2004).

The copyright of the material in this thesis rests with the author and copying (or any other use of the material) without prior consent is not permitted.

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The entire thesis can be downloaded as one file. Alternatively, each chapter is available separately.

There are both double-sided and single-sided versions of Ashley's thesis. All content and page numbering is the same in both versions, but the page headers and margins differ. The single-sided version is intended for on-screen browsing, the double-sided version for printing.

The PDF files contain clickable hyperlinks that allow cross-references to be followed more easily. In some PDF viewers (eg Adobe Acrobat), the hyperlinks are shown as coloured boxes around linked text in the document. The coloured boxes will not appear if you print the document, which does not use colour. The PDF files also contain bookmarks to ease access to sections of the thesis. These bookmarks are present only in the "entire thesis" files.

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