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CS405 - Introduction to Empirical Modelling 2007/8


Term 2, weeks 11-20:

  • Lecture: Monday 2pm in CS101
  • Lecture: Tuesday 3pm in CS101
  • Lab Session: Friday 10am in CS101/CS001 (the IBM lab)

Remember the module forum

Previous material (2005-6) and (2006-7) is available for those interested. The current CS405 page is here.

See also:
The First Warwick Electronic Bulletin on EM
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Download the tkeden tool


Details of the 2007/8 assignment are now available. (See the tabs on the left-hand panel of the assignment webpage for details of the initial and final submission procedures.) Feedback on the initial submissions is now available, together with guidance about preparing your paper for WEB-EM-04. You may also find it useful to consult the answers to Lab 2, the notes on more advanced features of EDEN, and the additional resources referenced in Seminars 3 and 4 below. {The initial submissions of abstracts are recorded here.]


The coursework and the examination contribute 50% to the final mark for the module. The format of the CS405 exam for 2008 will be unchanged: Question 1 is a compulsory question, and you must answer two questions out of the other four. You will have 3 hours in which to answer the paper. Whereas in previous years the examination has been marked out of 100, this year's paper will be marked out of 50 (question 1 will carry 20 marks, and questions 2, 3, 4 and 5 will carry 15 marks). More guidance on the format and content of the June 2008 exam can be found here.


Online material



    Additional resources for the lab sessions can be found in the /dcs/emp/empublic/teaching/cs405-2008 sub-directories.

    • Lab 1 - Modelling with definitive scripts preliminaries (11th January)
      (PDF document) Handout: Lab sheet 1 (pdf)