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Additional Resources

Additional resources for CS405 in 2008

This year's module was more narrowly focused than in previous years. In that respect, it was more consistent with the title "An Introduction to Empirical Modelling". Whilst this should make it easier to prepare for the examination, it may also mean that you have been given less background in the lectures for your paper writing and model building for WEB-EM-04. Here are some links to resources that may be helpful in supporting your EM work and exam revision. You are not required to be familiar with this material, but it may be of interest as a source of ideas and technical insights.

  • Web-EDEN: Richard Myers's web-based EDEN prototype can be accessed from anywhere at and from departmental machines (e.g. via a VNC session on joshua) at Though the system still has some limitations (e.g. it doesn't provide means to list donald definitions, doesn't allow include()statements, doesn't support queries in scout, or implement the angel notation), it offers other advantages. In particular, it features syntax highlighting, separates the command history from the error output, and provides much more intelligible access to eden definitions. It also offers support for session sharing and should be a good medium for lightweight tutorial and testing purposes. For instance, it's quite well-suited to checking out the answers to Lab 2, as posted on the CS405 website under Seminar 3. (Any feedback in the form of suggestions and error reports on Web-EDEN will be most welcome.)
    • EM models: Fewer complex EM models were discussed this year than usual. In part this is because demonstrating complex models effectively requires considerable preparatory work, and may involve re-engineering in the light of developments in the tools (such as the loss of the older Solaris variants of EDEN). Here are some links to models - and model documentation in the form of posters and presentations - that have been discussed in previous years: Some of these relate quite closely to themes proposed for WEB-EM-04.
    • Additional labs: In previous years, there have been lab sessions on more advanced technical topics. These include:
      • Building a version of the DMT in EDEN: CS405 2006-7 Lab 5 : Graphical Representation of Dependencies;
      • Using the agent-oriented parser: CS405 2006-7 Lab 6: Notations and Parsing;
      • Using dtkeden, the distributed variant of EDEN: CS405 2006-7 Lab 7: Distributed Modelling with dtkeden.