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Feedback 1

Task 1 (a). Assume a row (or column or 3x3 region) consists of 9 empty squares. The descriptions in (a) are only equivalent under certain further assumptions. What are they? (There are two assumptions but they can be expressed in one sentence.)

Task 1 (b). Puzzle1 can be completed by repeatedly applying a single, simple rule. From your experience of it so far can you guess what this rule is? (OR, if you prefer, just describe the rules or methods you actually used for finding entries.)

Task 2. When you enabled the 'plausibles' which puzzle did you explore? Did you like having that information automatically, or did you feel it took something away from your experience of finding the solution? You still had to remember the results for each square. How might it be 'improved'? But would that improve your experience?

Task 3. Did you use the hint? If not, describe how you got started with Puzzle5. Let's say 'useful knowledge' is that a given digit can only be in two squares of some sector, or that a given square must hold one of two digits. What bits of useful knowledge could you find for Puzzle5?

Task 4. Parts (a) and (b) are for you to investigate. Given your (brief!) experience, what are your answers to the questions in (c)? Give us specific examples where possible (of course you must tell us also any extra entries you have made to a puzzle at the time of your example).

Task 5. Give any answers you can to all three parts. If you include answers for part (c) we shall try and address your points in a later Workshop.
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