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The Sudoku Experience

Welcome to the Sudoku Experience, where you will be introduced to Colour Sudoku and Empirical Modelling. In the final workshop on Friday you will also participate (we hope!) in a research experiment that we have never done before.

This online event will introduce you to a new way of making models with computers. It does not use conventional programming, but it does create a kind of software. It's called Empirical Modelling. Think of it as a kind of 'alternative computing'. You will learn about some special tools developed at Warwick that can be used over the Web. Whether or not you have done any programming before really does not matter, so do not worry about that. We hope you will have a lot of fun - and an interesting challenge! - learning to use these tools and starting to think 'alternatively' about computing.

Plan (The three workshops and what you are meant to do.)

Introduction (Please read carefully, it tells you what to expect - and what not to expect!.)

People (Who are we?)

Technical (Saving, printing, useful links, etc etc)  

Forum (a place to say 'hello' and raise any questions/comments you might have - as you might if we were in a classroom) 

As a first step, have a quick look at all the above pages. (The Technical page is a bit thin at present - more coming soon!)

You can get back here, or to any of the pages, by navigating from the left panel. Then start properly by reading the Introduction carefully and going to Workshop 1. Have fun!

Steve Russ, Meurig Beynon, Ant Harfield, Richard Myers