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Feedback 2

General comments. How did you find Workshop 2? What difficulties did you have?

Task 1. Give your answers to exercise 2.

Task 2 (a). Describe your solution to exercise 1 in which you attempted to adapt the sudoku grid for basic arithmetic.

Task 2 (b). In exercise 2, what definition did you create for converting row-col coordinates to region coordinates?

Task 3 (a). How would you define the background of cell B5 so that it is green if there is only one plausible digit?

Task 3 (b). What general form of definition for XY_bgcolour is required to colour sudoku?

Task 3 (c). If you change the 'makecolour' function, what effect does it have on the colouring? Can you explain what 'makecolour' does?
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