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Lots of the normal modules taken by students doing degrees at Warwick have a Forum associated with them.

They are popular in Computer Science because they let the students discuss interesting themes about practical coursework they have been asked to do in a module. The organiser (Lecturer) usually joins in too and can clarify issues, answer questions, suggest resources etc.  So we've got a Forum for this online event too! It's here.

You should have received a special password for entry to the Forum. Let us know if you have not received that. (Mail to

The Forum is exclusively for our course members - that is you, other youngsters, and the organisers. It's about 30 people altogether. So feel free to raise any questions, or make suggestions, that you might do if we were in a classroom together. Of course, everyone else can see your question or comment - but don't let that inhibit you! If something is a question for you - it is very likely a question in someone else's mind too. It will be especially helpful if you can use this since we cannot see each other - or even know we are here! (Wherever 'here' is!) 

As you will see, the messages are organised into 'threads'. If you click on my Welcome! message it will open it and you will get an option at the bottom to 'Reply'. So if you are responding to my message and just saying 'Hi, I like good Sudokus but your Puzzle1 is far too easy!'  or 'Hi, I am not interested in Sudoku at all but mad on computers....'  then use Reply.

If you want to start a new subject use the option (upper right) of 'Start a new thread'.