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This online event contains much material that has been developed in recent years by numerous members of the Empirical Modelling research group at Warwick.  The website for the Sudoku Experience and the three Workshops that make up the course have been developed primarily by the following four people.

Dr Meurig Beynon and Dr Steve Russ lecture in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick.

Dr Antony Harfield is a former Warwick Postgraduate Research Fellow. He gained his PhD earlier this year with a thesis entitled 'Empirical Modelling as a New paradigm for Educational Technology'. He has developed numerous models and tools for the Empirical Modelling project.  These include the agent-oriented parser (for writing new, special-purpose notations) and GEL (a powerful presentation environment). 

Richard Myers is the first ever graduate from the new Warwick Computing Systems degree course (June 2008).  About three weeks ago Richard won the Departmental Project Prize for his work on implementing Web-EDEN. This is the tool that you will use in Workshops 2 and 3.

Special acknowledgements are also due to Chris Roe and Ashley Ward for research that underpins the tools and models being deployed in this workshop, and to Russell Boyatt and Eric Chan for motivating ideas relating to issues in software engineering and collaborative working.  We are also indebted to Chris Reason, whose BCS award winning project on Sudoku solving using a mobile phone (unrelated to Empirical Modelling) supplied some valuable references.