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There will be three online workshops during this event. You are invited to take part by reading the material on the Workshop pages, doing the various tasks that are suggested, submitting your feedback (on the Feedback pages of course!) and contributing (if you wish) to the online Forum. We hope you can spend at least an hour or two each day on the activities.  Before you start on Workshop 1 though, please read the Introduction carefully. At present the material for Workshops 2 and 3 is just in summary form. You will actually use mini-web 'booklets' which will appear in the Web-EDEN environment to be introduced soon.

We are planning to continue at the end of the week into Saturday and Sunday. We hope you can stay with us ....    The provisional timetable looks like this: 


Monday 14/07/08

Workshop 1: Colour Sudoku

Orientation : Puzzles, Journeys and Colours ...


Tuesday 15/07/08

Completing tasks, submitting feedback, discussion on the Forum

Introduction to Web-EDEN  :  yet another Orientation!

Wednesday 16/07/08


Workshop 2: Empirical Modelling

Making models for humans and computers ...


Thursday 17/07/08 Completing tasks, submitting feedback, discussion on the Forum
Friday 18/07/08


Workshop 3: Collaborative Construction

Online co-operation: a research project


Saturday 19/07/08 Feedback, suggestions, follow-up and the future on the Forum
Sunday 20/07/08 Summing up, reflections and on-line social event