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FoCS People


Sayan Bhattacharya Dynamic graph algorithms, data structures, online algorithms, streaming algorithms, algorithmic game theory
Dmitry Chistikov Automata and formal languages, verification, discrete mathematics

Graham Cormode (Affiliate)

Algorithms, databases, data streaming, big data, data science
Artur Czumaj (Head) Randomized and approximation algorithms, algorithmic game theory
Charilaos Efthymiou Intersection of theory of algorithms, discrete mathematics, and statistical physics
Matthias Englert Online algorithms, approximation algorithms
Tom Gur Sublinear algorithms, complexity theory, and quantum computing
Marcin Jurdziński Algorithms, games, automata, logic
Dan Král' Graph theory, discrete mathematics, combinatorics
Ranko Lazic (Deputy) Formal verification, logic and automata
Torsten Mütze Graph theory, combinatorics, discrete algorithms, and their applications to real-world problems
Igor Carboni Oliveira Computational complexity theory and its connections to algorithms, combinatorics, and mathematical logic
Mike Paterson Combinatorial algorithms and complexity
Nick Spooner Interactive proof systems and zero knowledge in general, post-quantum cryptography, quantum information, coding theory and computational complexity
Ramanujan Sridharan Algorithms and complexity, fixed-parameter and approximation algorithms with a focus on graph and constraint satisfaction problems
FoCS Group November 2019

Research Fellows

Jayesh Choudhari Algorithms, social networks
Nathanaël Fijalkow Complexity (algorithms), data structures, theory of programming languages, logic, algebra, databases, control theory
Siddharth Gupta Graph algorithms, computational geometry
Lawqueen Kanesh Parameterized complexity, graph algorithms
Zhenjian Lu Computational complexity, Boolean circuits, pseudorandomness
Gopinath Mishra Algorithms
Ninad Rajgopal Computational complexity
Sathyawageeswar Subramanian Quantum algorithms and complexity theory

Research Students

Hugo Aaronson Quantum computing and complexity theory
Sam Coy Algorithms
Amelia Chui Algorithms
Marcel de Sena Dall’Angol Quantum computing and coding theory
Jacques Dark Streaming algorithms
Charlie Dickens Summaries and randomised algorithms for fundamental matrix computations and related problems
Alex Dixon Logics, Automata and Games, with a current focus on Petri Nets and variations on Vector Addition Systems
Chris Hickey Verification of data analysis algorithms
Peter Kiss Algorithms
Bruno Pasqualotto Cavalar Computational complexity and combinatorics
Arturo Merino Algorithms and discrete mathematics

Algorithms, complexity and discrete mathematics

Jack O'Connor

Quantum computing and learning theory

Aditya Prakash

Algorithms for automata and games

Mary Scott Differential privacy
Henry Sinclair-Banks Automata, Complexity, and Logic
Thejaswini K S Automata and Algorithmic Game Theory

Some new positions are available through the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (DIMAP).

Former Members