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Authoring of Adaptive Hypermedia

Authoring of adaptive hypermedia is a notoriously difficult endeavour, although its results can be extremely valuable, for example in the educational context generating personalized (learning) experiences. Our research focuses on improving the authoring process.

Firstly we have been developing a method to automate part of the content creation process. Our method uses information from the teacher's desktop to extend courses with highly relevant material, and a prototype has been implemented. Initial evaluations have shown it to be successful, and further evaluations will verify the specific features and ranking methods.

A second line of research is authoring of the adaptation. In the GRAPPLE project, our efforts concern the development of a framework for graphical authoring of adaptation strategies, and a prototype will be evaluated to identify to what extent authors can indeed specify adaptive behaviour more easily.

We have also performed comparative studies of Adaptive Hypermedia and different techniques with similar goals (such as IMS-LD).