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Research Projects

Current Projects

Completed Projects

PhD Projects

  • Jin Chen — “CALL: Computer Aided Language Learning on the WWW for Teaching Academic English”
  • Safia Belkada — “Discovernet: Adaptive Simulation-Based Learning Environment And Support System for Designing Neural Networks”
  • Sarah Lim Choi Keung — “A Trust-based Social Mechanism to Counter Deceptive Behaviour in Multi-agent Systems "
  • Jenny Liu — “Agent-based Systems and Group Collaboration"
  • Shanshan Yang — “Service-oriented Computing for Education”
  • Jane Yin-Kim Yau — “Context-Aware and Adaptive Learning Scheduling for Mobile Learning”
  • Amirah Ismail — “A Metametadata Framework to Support Semantic Searching of Pedagogic Data” (completed)
  • Georgina Cosma — “An Approach to Source-Code Plagiarism Detection and Investigation using Latent Semantic Analysis” (completed)
  • Natalia Stash — “Incorporating Learning styles in Adaptive Hypermedia” (completed)
  • Shanghua Sun — “ A Multi-Agent System to Support Adaptive Education” (completed)
  • Jirarat Sitthiworachart — “An Investigation into Novel Software Tools for Enhancing Students’ Higher Cognitive Skills in Computer Programming” (completed)


Adaptive Learning Spaces Project

The BOSS Online Submission System

Prolearn Project

Tampere University of Applied Sciences