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Third Year Computer Science BSc 2023/24

The normal load is 120 CATS credits. Candidates for honours are required to take one core module and 90 CATS credits selected from the list of optional modules below, at least 75 CATS credits must be from List A. Students may take up to 30 CATS of unusual options.

Optional module availability is subject to change.

Core Modules

Code Name Term CATS Credits
CS310 Computer Science Project 1, 2 30

Optional Modules - List A

Code Name Term CATS Credits
CS301 Complexity of Algorithms 1 15
CS313 Mobile Robotics 2 15
CS324 Computer Graphics 1 15
CS325 Compiler Design 1 15
CS331 Neural Computing 2 15
CS342 Machine Learning 1 15
CS345 Sensor Networks and Mobile Data Communications 1 15
CS346 Advanced Databases 2 15
CS348 Social Informatics 2 15
CS349 Principles of Programming Languages 1 15
CS352 Project Management for Computer Scientists 1 15
CS355 Digital Forensics 2 15
CS356 Approximation and Randomised Algorithms 2 15

Optional Modules - List B

Code Name Term CATS Credits
IB3A7 The Practice of Operational Research 2 15
IB349 Operational Research in Strategic Planning 1 15
IB352 Applied Optimization Methods 2 15
ST343 Topics in Data Science 2 15

Modules from Other Departments

More information on modules taught by other departments can be found in the Module Catalogue: