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Third Year Discrete Mathematics BSc 2018/19

In the third year the main focus is on applications of discrete mathematics to computer science. Students take an individual project in discrete mathematics together with advanced modules relating to algorithms. Options are chosen from a range of modules which reflect both the research strengths within the departments as well as the wider context of advances in the discipline.

The normal load is 120 CATS credits. Candidates for Honours are required to take three core modules totalling 60 CATS credits and 60 CATS credits selected from the list of optional modules. The optional modules list contains level 3 modules delivered by Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics. Of the 60 CATS credits of optional modules, at least 30 CATS credits must be CS-, MA- or ST- coded. Up to 30 CATS can be selected from the list of other modules available to the third year of the Computer Science degree and the Mathematics degree as unusual options.

Core Modules




CS344 Discrete Mathematics Project 1,2,3
30 A(100)
CS301 Complexity of Algorithms 1
15 E(100)
CS356 Approximation and Randomised Algorithms 2
E(80) A(20)

Optional Modules

Modules selected from level 3 modules delivered by Computer Science , Mathematics and Statistics .  

Modules from other Departments

More information on modules taught by other departments can be found at the following sites: