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MIRaW – Past Days

15/05/2023 Pertubations on Earth Satellites and Space Junk from Solar Storms and Space Weather Dimitri Veras (Physics)
23/01/2023 Optimal Transport and Machine Learning Florian Theil
24/10/2022 Opinion Formation in Complex SocietiesLink opens in a new window Susana Gomes, Marie-Therese Wolfram
07/03/2022 Battery Models, Simulation and Assimilation Florian Theil, Dhammika Widanalage (WMG), Matthew Hunt (WMI/WMG), Ferran Brosa Planella (WMG) and Mikhail Poluektov (WMG)
11/10/2021 Mathematical modelling of Covid-19: using models to understand SARS-Cov-2 transmission and interventions  Robin Thompson


Statistical Physics of Complex Systems Julie Staunton (Physics), Gareth Alexander (Physics and MathSys)
10/5/2021 Ship Capsize Robert MacKay, Manuela Bujorianu (Strathclyde Maritime Safety Research Centre)
15/2/2021 Oxford-Warwick-Edinburgh Network Science  Robert MacKay, Peter Grindrod (Oxford), Des Higham (Edinburgh)
25/1/2021 Modelling and Measuring the Landscapes of Early Embryonic Development David Rand, Meritxell Saez (Crick Institute)
12/10/2020 Warwick and Alan Turing Institute: Projects and Opportunities Marya Bazzi, Martin Lotz
21/9/2020 Climate Change, Attibution Science and the Law David Mond, Rachel Wilkinson (Stats) Harpreet Paul (Law)
18/5/20 Ergodicity: different viewpoints Ian Melbourne, Roger Farmer (Economics), Jean-Philippe Bouchaud (Paris), Robert MacKay
2/3/20 The Three Body Problem: Application to Satellites, Planets, and Stars Dimitri Veras (Physics),
Robert MacKay
3/2/20 MathSysGroupProjects Colm Connaughton
27/1/20 Large-scale Production Networks Bazil Sansom (Economics/Maths),
Robert MacKay
13/1/20 Detection of modes of oscillation Robert MacKay
11/3/19 Soft Elicitation Simon French (Statistics), Leroy White (Business School)
4/3/19 Plasmas in Magnetic Fields Robert Mackay,
Ben McMillan (Physics)
25/2/19 Modelling and Calibration of Pedestrian Dynamics
Susana Gomes,
Marie-Therese Wolfram
4/2/19 The Dynamics of Money Sam Forbes, Stefan Grosskinsky, Alexander Karalis Isaac (Economics)
3/12/18 Nonlinear Systems Today Robert MacKay,
Barbel Finkenstadt Rand
20/7/18 Multiscale Modelling Approach to Fluid Flows Involving Phase Change Livio Gibelli, Anirudh Rana
23-24/4/18 Circadian and Sleep-Wake Cycle: Models and Data Bärbel Finkenstädt Rand, Qi Huang, David Rand, Francis Levi, Robert Dallmann, Annabelle Ballesta
12/2/18 MathSys Presentations Colm Connaughton, Magnus Richardson, Matt Keeling and Stefan Grosskinsky
22/1/18 Theory and Applications of Expert Judgement in Risk and Decision Analysis Simon French
27/11/17 Systems out of equilibrium: Maths meets Physics Peter Ashwin, Robin Ball, Robert MacKay, Aneta Stefanovska
13/11/17 Identifiability and Inference Michael Chappell and Louise Dyson
2-3/10/17 Image Analysis and Processing in the Life Sciences Till Bretschneider, Michael Hintermüller, Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb, Bjorn Stinner
27/07/17 Recent Developments in the Kinetic Theory of Gases Anirudh Rana, James Sprittles
12/06/17 Predictive Modelling @ W Christoph Ortner, Matteo Icardi, James Kermode, Peter Brommer, Colm Connaughton
10/05/17 Partial Differential Equations for Large Data
Florian Theil and Matteo Icardi

Theoretical Challenges in Wave Turbulence

Jason Laurie, Sergey Nazarenko

MATHSYS Group Presentations

Matt Keeling and Ben Graham


Matt Keeling
8/02/2016 Transitions from microsopic to macroscopic models Florian Theil and Ian Melbourne
7/12/2015 Vegetation Dynamics and Climate Change Markus Kirkilionis
30/11/2015 Modelling and simulation of electrochemical flows in Lithium-ion batteries Matteo Icardi and Florian Theil
23/11/2015 Sample path large deviations and concentration Stefan Adams, Roger Tribe


Cell Motility and PDEs in Evolving and Complex Domains Bjorn Stinner and Charlie Elliott
8/6/2015 Understanding Small-Scale Flows James Sprittles, Alex Patronis, Dave Stephenson
9/2/2015 MathSys Study Group Problem Presentations

Colm Connaughton, Robert MacKay

2/2/2015 Uncertainty in Complex Computer Models Andrew Stuart
19/1/2015 Synthetic Biology meets Mathematics

Markus Kirkilionis, Orkun Soyer

24/11/2014 PDEs on manifolds with applications to cell biology

Hans Fritz, Charles Elliott

17/11/2014 Reduced Order Models and Applications in Uncertainty Quantification Aretha Teckentrup, Claudia Schillings
16/6/2014 Mathematical Biology Markus Kirkilionis
9/6/2014 Glassy Systems and Constrained Stochastic Dynamics Paul Chleboun
2/6/2014 Complex Dynamics in Neuroscience Claude Baesens
10/3/2014 Microfluidics Modelling Leonor Garcia Gutierrez
24/2/2014 Distances Between Probability Distributions Robert MacKay
18/11/2013 Hybrid Control of Complex Systems Manuela Bujorianu
4/11/2013 Modelling and Inference for Epidemics Matt Keeling, Simon Spencer
28/10/2013 Model Based Emission Control Florian Theil, Tim Sullivan
21/10/2013 Stochastic Growth Models Nikolaos Zygouras, Partha Dey
14/10/2013 Model Coupling and Applications Andreas Dedner, Christoph Ortner
11/3/2013 Mathematics of Big Data Robert MacKay
4/2/2013 Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and turbulence Oleg Zaboronski
7-8/1/2013  Condensation in Stochastic Particle Systems Stefan Grosskinsky
18/12/2012  Modelling Health Behaviour Daniel Sprague (Complexity), Thomas House
26/11/2012 Inference and Control for Complex Dynamical Systems Sergio Morales, Chris Oates (Complexity)
22/10/2012 The Science of Clouds James Robinson
15/10/2012  Population Genetics Dario Spano (Statistics), Paul Jenkins (Statistics)
18/6/2012 Complexity in the Social Sciences Stefan Grosskinsky (Warwick) and Celia Lury (Warwick)
30/4/2012 Maths and Manufacturing Colm Connaughton (Maths), David Mullins (WMG), Tom Nichols (Stats/WMG)
6/2/2012 Control of Complex Systems Michael Tildesley (Warwick) and Robert Mackay (Warwick)
23/1/2012 Perspectives in Mathematical Modelling and Simulation Markus Kirkilionis (Warwick)
21/11/2011 The Mathematics of Multiscale Materials Stefan Adams (Warwick), Christophe Ortner (Warwick)
14/11/2011 Rogue Waves and Strong Nonlinearity in Wave Turbulence Sergey Nazarenko (Warwick), Colm Connaughton (Warwick)
11/11/2011 Option Pricing in Financial Markets Aleksandar Mijatovic (Warwick)
7/11/2011 Media and Motion Dwight Barkley (Warwick), Andreas Dedner (Warwick)
24/10/2011 The Mathematics of Natural Catastrophes Robert Kerr (Warwick), Christian Franzke (British Antartic Survey)
6-8/6/2011  Nonlinear Diffusion: Algorithms, Analysis and Applications Andrew Stuart
4/4/2011  Opinion Dynamics Colm Connaughton and Yasmin Merali
7/3/2011  Monte Carlo Methods Mike Allen (Physics) and Stefan Grosskinsky
29/11/2010  Nonlinear Engineering Problems and Challenges Igor Khovanov
15/11/2010  CoSyDy: Movement in Models of Mathematical Biology   Mauro Mobilia
1/11/2010  Reconciling Geophysical Models with Data Andrew Stuart
11/10/2010  From Lipid Bilayers to Cell Membranes: Mechanical and Geometrical Aspects Björn Stinner
01/06/2010 Capillary Flow
Björn Stinner, Ellak Somfai (Physics & Complexity Science) and Bob Kerr
10/05/2010 Complexity Engineering
Nigel Stocks and Igor Khovanov
08/03/2010 Mathematics In Industry: Countdown to the Warwick Study Group
Dave Wood
01/03/2010 Optical lattices and Bose gases Roemer and Rodriguez-Gonzalez (Physics), Ueltschi
15/02/2010 Bioimaging
Markus Kirkilionis and Till Bretschneider (Systems Biology)
08/02/2010 Burgers equation and applications Colm Connaughton and Stefan Grosskinsky
01/02/2010 Mathematics of evolutionary dynamics
Mauro Mobilia (Leeds) and Robert MacKay
16/11/2009 Nonlinear Waves and the Maslov Index Chris Jones and Frédéric Dias
26/10/2009 Towards new dynamic models for better economic policy Andres Carvajal (Economics) and Robert MacKay
12/10/2009 Mathematics of Nuclear Fusion Florian Theil, Sergey Nazarenko, Colm Connaughton and Bogdan Hnat (Physics)
08/06/2009 Weak solutions of the 3d Euler equations Xinyu He
01/06/2009 Reputational models in economics Amrita Dhillon (Economics)
18/05/2009 Tasters in complex systems Markus Kirkilionis
11/05/2009 Biomembranes Charlie Elliott, Barbara Niethammer (Oxford) and Matthew Turner
27/04/2009 Mathematics and climate change mitigation Chris Jones, David Mond
09/03/2009 Mathematical challenges in computer vision David Mond
02/03/2009 Confronting complexity with real world problems Sandra Chapman
2 & 3/02/2009 Condensation, aggregation and coagulation in particle systems Stefan Grosskinsky & Oleg Zaboronski
19/01/2009 Out of equilibrium markets Sayantan Ghosal
1 & 2/12/2008 Nonlinear dynamics and Systems Biology, celebration of David Rand's 60th birthday Nigel Burroughs, Matt Keeling, Robert MacKay & Sebastian van Strien
17/11/2008 Traffic modelling and applications Stefan Grosskinsky & Ellak Somfai
3-7/11/2008 Structures and Waves in Anisotropic Turbulence Peter Bartello (McGill), Colm Connaughton, Peter Davidson (Cambridge), Sergey Nazarenko, & Alexander Schekochihin (Imperial)
13/10/2008 Climate Change Chris Jones
Launch Day for the Warwick EPSRC 2008/09 Symposium on Challenges in Scientific Computing Andrew Stuart
18 & 19/09/2008
Fractional Flows
Vassili Kolokoltsov & Niels Jacob (Swansea)
23/05/2008 Networks and organisation in cell biology (organised by Complexity Science) Robin Ball, Markus Kirkilionis, and Mario Nicodemi
19/05/2008 Nonlinear Optics Sergey Nazarenko
17/03/2008 Euler and High Performance Computing Miguel Bustamante and Robert Kerr
10/03/2008 Kinetics of single ion channels: experiments and models Jianfeng Feng (Computer Science), Peter Stanfield (Medical School), Dimitris Vavoulis (Computer Science)
03/03/2008 Molecular Dynamics Mike Allen (Physics/CSC) and Gero Friesecke
25/02/2008 Pattern formation in particle systems Mario Nicodemi (Physics), Robin Ball (Physics), Ellak Somfai (Physics)
18/02/2008 Joint MIR@W & Complexity Science DTC event
Statistical Complexity
Sandra Chapman (Physics) and Robert MacKay
04/02/2008 DisCoMaths - Discrete Complex Systems and Probability Organiser: Stefan Adams and Stefan Grosskinsky
26/11/2007 Environmental Modeling and Data Assimilation Chris Jones and Andrew Stuart
19/11/2007 Control Theory in memory of Tony Pritchard Stuart Townley (Exeter) and R.S.MacKay
17/09/2007 Turbulence collaborator Sergei Nazarenko
17 & 18/09/2007 Microscopic models of plasticity Tim Sullivan & Florian Thiel
21-23/05/2007 Partial differential equations and fluid mechanics James Robinson and Jose Rodrigo
30/04/2007 Random Schrödinger operators and random matrices: new developments Rudolf Roemer (Physics/CSC Warwick) & H. Schulz-Baldes (Erlangen)
19/03/2007 Prions: Properties, Propagation and Pathology Teresa Pinheiro (Biology, Warwick)
12/03/2007 Data Assimilation Andrew Stuart
05/03/2007 Mathematical epidemiology Thomas House (Biology/Maths, Warwick)
19/02/2006 Interaction in Physics, Computing and Mathematics Vassili Kolokoltsov (Statistics, Warwick)
05/01/2007 ODEs on networks Robert MacKay and Ian Stewart
15/01/2007 Applied Mathematics at Warwick Robert MacKay
27/11/2006 Parkinson's (Deep Brain Stimuluation) Jianfeng Feng (Computer Science, Warwick)
13/11/2006 Mathematical challenges in quantum chemistry Volker Betz
8 & 9/11/2006 Cellular Protein Translocation - CPT202006 Markus Kirkilionis
30/10/2006 Navier-Stokes data analysis Xinyu He & Robert Kerr
23/10/2006 Complexity Science Robert MacKay
22-24/05/2006 Mathematics of Data Assimilation Andrew Stuart
24-26/04/2006 Coarse-grained multiscale models: mathematical analysis and applications Petr Plechac (Warwick) John Barrett (Imperial College), Charles Elliott (Sussex), Endre Süli (Oxford)
13/03/2006 Theoretical and Computational Issues in Environmental Turbulence Ian Castro (Southampton), Darryl Holm (Imperial), Bob Kerr (Warwick), Sergey Nazarenko (Warwick) & Christos Vassillicos (Imperial)
19/01/2006 Coalition theory and networks Myrna Wooders (Economics, Warwick & Vanderbilt)
9-10/01/2006 Mathematics of biomolecules Florian Theil, Davide Marenduzzo and Gero Friesecke (Mathematics, Warwick)
31/10/2005 Dynamical Systems, Fluids and Turbulence Dwight Barkley (Mathematics, Warwick)
20/10/2005 Uterus Day Andrew Blanks (Medical School, Warwick)
03/10/2005 Optimisation Nick Gould (Rutherford Appleton Lab) and Petr Plechac (Mathematics, Warwick)
23/09/2005 UNINET Launch Event
Mathematcal network modelling and complexity
Markus Kirkilionis (Mathematics, Warwick)
09/05/2005 Socio-Dynamics, Networks and Markets Robert MacKay (Mathematics, Warwick), Myrna Wooders, (Economics, VanderBilt), Mark Salmon (Warwick Business School), Markus Kirkilionis (Mathematics/CSC, Warwick)
25/04/2005 Turbulence Prelude Sergei Nazarenko (Mathematics, Warwick)
25/04/2005 Mathematical Neurosciences: Network Analysis Nick Dale (Biological Sciences, Warwick)
28/02/2005 Spatial Stochastic Processes Zorana Lazic (Mathematics, Warwick)
14/02/2005 Transport in and Computing with DNA Rudolf Roemer (Physics, Warwick)
07/02/2005 Cytoskeletons and Polymer Dynamics Amit Chattopadhyay (Mathematics, Warwick)
24/01/2005 Complexity in social dynamics Robert MacKay (Mathematics, Warwick) and Graham Room (Social Policy, Bath)
01/10/2005 Brief Encounters in All Probability Wilfrid Kendall & Jim Griffin (Statistics, Warwick)
04/10/2004 Monte Carlo methods Mike Pitt (Economics)
11/10/2004 Applied Mathematics Day Petr Plechac & Oleg Zaboronski (Mathematics)
18/10/2004 Singular Euler Dynamics Robert Kerr, James Robinson, and Xinyu He
25/10/2004 Interacting Agents Mark Salmon (Business School)
15/11/2004 Genetic Networks Markus Kirkilionis (Mathematics)
17/05/2004 Image Processing Roland Wilson (Computer Science)

Dislocation patterns in plastic materials

F/ Theil (Mathematics)
01/03/2004 Joint MIR@W/ESRC Socio-Economic Dynamics
Approaches to Socio-Dynamics
Robert MacKay (Mathematics)
& Myrna Wooders (Economics)

Wave Turbulence

Sergey Nazarenko (Mathematics)
16/02/2004 Numerical analysis of transport phenomena in complex domains Markus Kirkilionis (Mathematics & Centre for Scientific Computing)
27/10/2003 Bayesian Networks and Microarray Analysis J/Q/ Smith, B/ Finkenstadt, & L/ Wernisch (Birkbeck)
20/10/2003 Multiscale Analysis for Stochastic Dynamics D/ Blömker & G/ Pavliotis
13/10/2003 Joint MIR@W/ESRC Socio-Economic Dynamics
R/S/ MacKay & M/ Wooders
02/06/2003 Mathematical Analysis of Metabolic Networks Markus Kirkilionis
22/05/2003 Joint MiMI/MIR@W Day
Interdisciplinary Meeting on Channels, Receptors and Signalling
Nigel Burroughs
03/02/2003 Modelling Biological Rhythms in Cells and Gene Circuits Andrew Millar (Biology, Warwick)
24/02/2003 Joint MIR@W/ESRC Socio-Economic Dynamics
Culture, Evolution and Memes
Myrna Wooders (Economics, Warwick)
17/02/2003 Energy localisation and transfer - Abstracts Anna Litvak Hinenzon & Robert MacKay
10/02/2003 Mathematical challenges in Quantum Chemistry Gero Friesecke (Mathematics, Warwick)
07/10/2002 Multiscale phenomena in plasticity Florian Theil
14/10/2002 Woeful self: Mechanisms of T-cell tolerance Hugo van den Berg
02/12/2002 New trends in non-equilibrium statistical physics Oleg Zaboronski


David Epstein

Computing Across Different Scales

Petr Plechac and Andrew Stuart

Model definition and evaluation

Jane Hutton (Statistics, Warwick)

Mathematics of Operational Research

Vladimir Deineko (Warwick Business School)
26/11/2001 Discrete Breathers Anna Litvak Hinenzon
05/11/2001 Bargaining Myrna Wooders (Economics Department)
21/05/2001 Molecular Motors in Experiment and Theory Clemens Utzny (Mathematics Department)
14/05/2001 Some New Approaches to the Analysis of Economic Time Series Bärbel Finkenstädt (Statistics Department) & Sebastian van Strien (Mathematics Department)
30/04/2001 Networks in Application Myrna Wooders (Economics Department)
12/3/2001 Modelling Nutrient Limitation: Liebig and Beyond Hugo van den Berg
16- 17/01/2001 Workshop on Evolutionary Epidemiology of Strain Structure in Pathogen Populations Gabriela Gomes, Sunetra Gupta, Simon Levin, Robert MacKay, Graham Medley, James Nokes
04/12/2000 TUXEDO - Spatially Extended Dynamics Robert MacKay
20/11/2000 Complex Dynamics in Economics Stefano Eusepi & Sebastian van Strien
13/11/2000 Coupled Oscillators and Neurophysiology John Terry
05/06/2000 Dynamics and Spectra of Atoms and Molecules Mark Roberts
22/05/2000 Animal Locomotion and Mathematical Models Luciano Buono
15/05/2000 TUXEDO: Spatially Extended Dynamics Robert MacKay
08/05/2000 Markov Chains Andrew Stuart
15/03/2000 Numberical analysis and Random Dynamical Systems Andrew Stuart
06/03/2000 Mathematics in Industry Dave Wood
22/02/2000 Financial Mathematics Sebastian van Strien
14/02/2000 Computational Molecular Dynamics Andrew Stuart
17/01/2000 Statistical Population Dynamics in Ecology and Epidemiology Barbel Finkenstadt
06/12/1999 Modelling Spatial Processes in Plant Populations Chris Bauch
29/11/1999 Near Wall Turbulence Sergey Nazarenko
01/11/1999 Magneto-Hydrodynamics Dwight Barkley
18/10/1999 Numberical Methods for Large-Scale Bifurcation Problems Kurt Lust
18/06/1999 Turing Patterns and their Symmetries Gabriela Gomes
07/06/1999 TUXEDO - The UK Spatially Extended Dynamics Organisation David Rand
15/03/1999 Making an Omlette without Breaking Eggs: the T Cell Repertoire Hugo van den Berg
08/03/1999 Mixing and Chaos Greg King and A/N/Yannacopoulos
01/03/1999 Network in Epidemiology Chris Bauch
22/02/1999 Dynamics and Spatiotemporal Symmetry Jeroen Lamb and Mark Roberts
01/02/1999 Global Attractors and their Applications James Robinson
15-16/12/1998 Joint MIT@W/MiMI - Chaos and Fractals in Medicine Jonathan Sherratt
02-04/11/1998 Random Matrices and Integrable Systems Oleg Zaboronski
08/06/1998 Numerical Methods in Mathematical Biology Markus Kirkilionis and David Rand
18/05/1998 Mathematics and the Warwick Business School - Learning from Each Other Alan Newell and Robin Wensley
09/03/1998 Making Up Minds Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart
23/02/1998 Mathematics in Medicine Initiative Nigel Burroughs
16/02/1998 Singularities and Filaments Chris Bowman
09/02/1998 Organisational Ecology Alan Newell and Robin Wensley
26/01/1998 Molecular Dynamics and Spectra Mark Roberts
09/01/1998 TUXEDO Meeting David Rand
24/11/1997 Evolution and Ecology David Rand
17/11/1997 Patterns Under Water Natalia Komarova
12/11/1997 2D Turbulence Sergey Nazarenko
03/11/1997 Financial Mathematics Sebastian van Strien and George Hodges
22/10/1997 Mathematics in Medicine Initiative Nigel Burrough and David Rand
17/06/1997 Pattern Formation and Wavelets Chris Bowman
12/05/1997 Spiral Waves, Euclidean Symmetries and Cardiac Arrhythmias Dwight Barkley
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