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Getting Started

Getting Started | Core and Safety Training | Further Information | Settling In | Complete Your Induction

Please note that some of these web links will only work once you have a live IT account and have logged into the University of Warwick website.

Getting Started

Arriving at the University

The Physics Department is on the main University campus ( postcode CV4 7AL) and can be found on the campus mapLink opens in a new window. The Department Office room P5.66 can be found on the fifth floor of the Physics Building with lift access from the ground floor through the main entrance lobby.

Travel directions are available hereLink opens in a new window for all modes of transport.

Car parking: On day one you will probably be parking in a pay and displayLink opens in a new window car park. Additional car parking including accessibility information and how to register for a permit is available here.Link opens in a new window

Cycling: The department has a covered bike store outside the main entrance and the University operates a cycle to work schemeLink opens in a new window.

Buses: Information about how to get to the University by bus is available here. Bus passesLink opens in a new window can be purchased through salary deduction.

How to register your ITS account

Once you have been issued with a University ID number you will be able to register for an ITS account/Warwick email.Link opens in a new window The log-in details and an email account will be available the day after registration. A campus wireless networkLink opens in a new window is available.

PLEASE NOTE: It is very important that all new members of staff know what they are able to use University facilities for and what is not allowed under the regulations. Please ensure you have read the University's IT policies and regulations.Link opens in a new window

University Card

Your card requires your uploading a photograph of your choice (photo guidelinesLink opens in a new window apply) once you have received your ID. Your card can be collected from one of the University Reception points on your first day at the University. The card combines the functions of both identity and access control including the Library and Sports Centre.

Please contact the Department Office (P5.66) with access control issues. Lanyards and card holders are available from Stores (P1.40) or the Departmental Office (P5.66), both located in the main Physics building.


Office keys are available through the Department Office.

Catering Facilities

Coffee/tea/snacks are served between 10:00am and 12:00pm in the Physics Common Room (P5.63). This room can be used at lunchtime for people to prepare and eat their lunch. Fridges, microwave, toaster and kettle is available. In the Physical Sciences building, the kitchen area and staff room are located on the first floor. The MAS building also has a kitchen area. There is a vending machine on the Science Concourse.

Warwick RetailLink opens in a new window manages and operates a number of cafes, bars, restaurants and shops across the campus.

Essential Safety Information

Emergency Number: Internal - 22222 / External - 024 7652 2222

Security Gatehouse Number: Internal - 22083 / External - 024 765 22083

Evacuation procedureLink opens in a new window

First Aid Link opens in a new windowin the department

Smoking is forbidden in all University buildings and vehicles.