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The PLATO Mission Conference 2017: Exoplanetary systems in the PLATO era

PLATO is the ESA M3 mission which was adopted by ESA Science Programme Committee in June 2017 and is due to be launched in 2026. Its main objective is the detection and characterisation of habitable zone planets around sun like stars. This will be achieved through the detection of transits around host stars that are bright enough for detailed radial velocity investigation. In particular, we expect many PLATO host stars to be characterised through asteroseismology.

At this conference examined the entire range of science enabled by PLATO. We presented the state of the art in exoplanet and asteroseismology science, and other research areas where we expect PLATO to make a major scientific impact. A particular goal of the conference was to foster a closer relationship between solar system and exoplanetary astronomers.

Thank you to everyone who attended the conference. Posters and Talks will be uploaded over the next few days to their respective pages.
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Invited speakers:
  • Suzanne Aigrain (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Othman Benomar (NYU Abu Dhabi, UAE)
  • Doris Breuer (DLR, Germany)
  • Margarida Cunha (Porto, Portugal)
  • Patrick Eggenberger (Geneva Observatory, Switzerland)
  • Antonio García Muñoz (TU Berlin, Germany)
  • Mark Gieles (Surrey University, UK)
  • Jon Jenkins (NASA, USA)
  • Laurène Jouve (IRAP Toulouse, France)
  • Andrea Miglio (University of Birmingham, UK)
  • Christoph Mordasini (University of Bern, Switzerland)
  • Samaya Nissanke (Radboud University, Netherlands)
  • Heike Rauer (DLR Berlin, Germany)
  • Maurizio Salaris (Liverpool JMU, UK)
  • Antoine Strugarek (CEA Saclay, France)
  • Stéphane Udry (Geneva Observatory, Switzerland)

  • Don Pollacco (Chair, UK)
  • Conny Aerts (Belgium)
  • Magali Deleuil (France)
  • Marie-Jo Goupil (France)
  • Laurent Gizon (Germany)
  • Ana Heras (ESA)
  • Miguel Mas (Spain)
  • Giampaolo Piotto (Italy)
  • Roberto Ragazzoni (Italy)
  • Heike Rauer (Germany)
  • Stéphane Udry (Switzerland)

  • David Brown
  • David Armstrong
  • George King
  • Kristine Lam
  • James Jackman
  • Don Pollacco



5-7 September 2017

Registration Fee:

£216 for three days
(accommodation available for additional cost)

Deadline for Registration:

Registration is now CLOSED

Deadline for Abstracts:

Abstract submission is CLOSED




Department of Physics
University of Warwick
Gibbet Hill Road

02476 150343