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IER Virtual Bookcase

IER Virtual Bookcase

Covid-19 and Graduate Careers

Kate Purcell, Peter Elias, Gaby Atfield, Erika Kispeter, Rosie Day & Stefanie Poole

July 2021

Ten years on – The Futuretrack Graduates

Peter Elias, Kate Purcell, Gaby Atfield, Erika Kispeter, Rosie Day & Stefanie Poole

July 2021

Future Proofing Apprenticeships

Peter Dickinson

November 2020

Senior Non-Commissioned Officers and Employment after leaving the UK Armed Forces

Clare Lyonette, Sally-Anne Barnes, David Owen, Stef Poole, Natalie Fisher & Karen Newell

September 2020

Aesthetic Labour

Chris Warhurst & Dennis Nickson

July 2020

The role of parents and carers in providing careers guidance and how they can be better supported

Sally-Anne Barnes, Jenny Bimrose, Alan Brown, John Gough & Sally Wright

February 2020

Lifelong guidance policy and practice in the EU: Trends, challenges, opportunities

Sally-Anne Barnes, Jenny Bimrose & Alan Brown

February 2020

Working Futures 2017-2027: Long-run labour market and skills projections

Rob Wilson, Sally-Anne Barnes, Mike May-Gillings, Shyamoli Patel & Ha Bui

February 2020

Better using skills in the workplace in the Leeds City Region, United Kingdom

Jonathan Barr, Michela Meghnagi, Christopher Warhurst, Ewart Keep & Pauline Anderson

March 2020

Upward convergence in working conditions

Chris Warhurst, Rafael Muñoz de Bustillo Llorente, José-Ignacio Antón Pérez, Rafael Grande Martín, Fernando Pinto Hernández & Sally Wright

December 2019