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Senior Non-Commissioned Officers and employment after leaving the UK Armed Forces

Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT) commissioned Warwick's Institute for Employment Research (IER), along with QinetiQ and RFEA, the Forces Employment Charity, to examine the transition of Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCOs) from all three Services into civilian employment (including full/part-time, self-employment, volunteering, or a combination of these).

Recent studies have highlighted that SNCOs face particular challenges transitioning to civilian employment due to lower educational attainment levels and a lack of confidence in translating military experience to civilian employers. This research contributed to FiMT’s evidence base to understand this particular group’s unique transition challenges and will offer recommendations to influence relevant policy-making and service delivery.

The research team members put together a robust programme of work, incorporating four work packages, which was completed within 12 months of commencement (i.e. by January 2020).

The objectives of this research were:

a) to explore the employment outcomes for ex-SNCOs and how these compare to other comparator groups; and

b) to identify the challenges faced in securing civilian employment among SNCOs leaving the UK Armed Forces; to highlight those aspects that are unique to this cohort; and to make recommendations on how these might be addressed that are applicable to policy-makers and service providers across the UK.

Project Team:

Clare Lyonette (Principal Investigator)

Sally-Anne Barnes

David Owen

Erika Kispeter

Project duration:

November 2018 - October 2019