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Major Group 4: Clerks

41  Office clerks1
    411 Secretaries and keyboard-operating clerks
        4111    Stenographers and typists
        4112    Word-processor and related operators
        4113    Data entry operators
        4114    Calculating-machine operators
        4115    Secretaries

    412 Numerical clerks
        4121    Accounting and book-keeping clerks
        4122    Statistical and finance clerks

    413 Material-recording and transport clerks
        4131    Stock clerks
        4132    Production clerks
        4133    Transport clerks

    414 Library, mail and related clerks
        4141    Library and filing clerks
        4142    Mail carriers and sorting clerks
        4143    Coding, proof-reading and related clerks
        4144    Scribes and related workers

    419 Other office clerks2
        4190    Other office clerks

Definitional notes:

Clerks record, store, compute and retrieve information, perform a number of clerical duties especially in connection with money-handling operations, travel arrangements, request for information and appointments. Most occupations in this group require skills at the second ISCO level (an education level which begins at the age of 14 or 15 and lasts about three years) (ILO, 1990; p.131).

1. Occupations describing clerical tasks but failing to distinguish between office clerks and customer services clerks should be allocated to a unit group 4000 (clerks, nothing otherwise specified).

2. Where it is clear that the clerical duties involve office work, not customer service activities, yet classification to minor groups 411-414 is not possible, either because these involve a wide range of office activities or because specific information on the nature of these activities is not available, classification is to minor group 419 (Other office clerks).

42  Customer services clerks
    421 Cashiers, tellers and related clerks
        4211    Cashiers and ticket clerks
        4212    Tellers and other counter clerks
        4213    Bookmakers and croupiers
        4214    Pawnbrokers and money-lenders
        4215    Debt-collectors and related workers

    422 Client information clerks
        4221    Travel agency and related clerks
        4222    Receptionists and information clerks
        4223    Telephone switchboard operators

Definitional notes:

Customer services clerks deal directly with clients in connections with money-handling operations, travel arrangements, requests for information, appointments and by operating telehone switchboards (ILO, 1990; p.139).

Allocation of clerks between sub-major groups 41 (Office clerks) and 42 (Customer services clerks) will be performed with reference to job titles and/or job descriptions. Specific job titles/descriptions which indicate direct customer service interaction (eg. counter clerk, receptionist, telephonist) will result in classification within sub-major group 42 (Customer services clerks). In cases where information is less specific (eg. bank clerk), classification should be to sub-major group 41 (Office clerks).


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