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Major Group 6: Skilled Agricultural and Fishery Workers

61  Skilled agricultural and fishery workers1
    611 Market gardeners and crop growers
        6111    Field crop and vegetable growers2
        6112    Gardeners, horticultural and nursery growers

    612 Animal producers and related workers
        6121    Dairy and livestock producers
        6122    Poultry producers   
        6129    Animal producers and related workers
                  not elsewhere classified

    613 Crop and animal producers
        6130    Crop and animal producers

    614 Forestry and related workers
        6141    Forestry workers and loggers
        6142    Charcoal burners and related workers

    615 Fishery workers, hunters and trappers
        6151    Aquatic life cultivation workers
        6152    Inland and coastal waters fishery workers
        6153    Deep-sea fishery workers
        6154    Hunters and trappers

Definitional notes:

Sub-major group 61 (Skilled agricultural and fishery workers) consists of those occupations which require skills at the second ISCO skill level (education which begins at the age of 14 or 15 and lasts about three years - a period of on-the-job training may be necessary, which may supplement or replace the formal education) (ILO, 1990; p.157 & 3).

Unit groups 6111 and 6112 within minor group 611 (Market gardeners and crop growers) and unit groups 6121 and 6122 within minor group 612 (Animal producers and related workers) are identified in terms of the main agricultural product. Unit group 6129 (Animal producers and related workers not elsewhere classified) is reserved for mixed animal producers, apiarists and sericulturists.

No skilled agricultural occupations within the European Community are classified to sub-major group 62 (Subsistence agricultural and fishery workers).

1. Where a main agricultural product associated with the skilled agricultural occupational cannot be identified, classification is to a minor group 610 (Skilled agricultural and fishery workers, nothing otherwise specified).

2. Includes tree and shrub crop growers.


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