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Future proof apprenticeships

The focus of the research project is how apprenticeships might be future-proofed in the post-COVID world (in the medium to longer term). The study is focusing on apprenticeships in two main sectors – Food Retail and Funeral care. Both have been significantly affected by the pandemic and had to respond to increased workforce demands. In addition, the health crisis has accelerated workforce and skills development changes which existed before the crisis. These sectors are likely to face important but different challenges over the next several years and it is important that apprenticeships can be used to support these changes. The central question of the project is what needs to be done to equip both sectors with the skills for the future, and what role do apprenticeships play in this. Interviews are being undertaken with a range of stakeholders - employers, providers and sector organisations - to explore and find solutions to these questions.

Project Team:

Peter Dickinson (Principal Investigator)

Beate Baldauf

Project Duration:

January 2020 - April 2020

Project Funder: