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Kluwer chapters

Labour Market Forecasts by Occupation & Education:
The Forecasting Activities of Three European Labour Market Research Institutes.
Ed. H. Heijke. Massachusetts: Kluwer Academic

Details of the Institute's approach to labour market assessment and forecasting can be found in two chapters of this book:

Chapter 1: Modelling and Forecasting the Structure of Employment in the United Kingdom by Rob Wilson

The objective of this chapter is to describe the way in which the Institute for Employment Research (IER) has approached the problem of modelling and forecasting changes in the structure of employment in the UK. The emphasis is on the methodology rather than on providing full detail of the forecasts. These can be found in the IER's Review of the Economy and Employment, last published 1998/99, and related publications.

Chapter 4: Policy Implications of Recent IER Assessments of the British Labour Market by Robert Lindley

This chapter focuses on the policy implications of recent IER assessments of the British labour market. It draws on the main medium-term assessment together with three further studies which have been carried out in order to investigate particular issues, notably those relating to highly qualified people, 'third age' employment and women's integration into the labour market.