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Investment in Technology

Investment in workplace technology

This project focused on the choices and impact of new technology in the workplace, including the new digital technologies. It examines if and why organisations invest in new technologies, how new technologies are introduced and implemented, how decisions are made and what the outcomes are. Findings are based on new survey, which is administered by YouGov. The findings will help organisations plan and make decisions about investing in new technology and will inform policymakers’ understand of how new technologies can affect businesses and employees. The project is funded by the Chartered Institute for Personnel & Development (CIPD) and ran from May 2018 -November 2018. The project team consists of Drs Wil Hunt and Sudipa Sarkar led by the PI, Professor Chris Warhurst.

Project Team:

Chris Warhust - Principal Investigator

Wil Hunt

Sudipa Sarkar

Project Duration:

March 2018 - October 2018

Project Funder: