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Historical medicine suggests a new way to use modern treatments

Combining honey and vinegar could be an old, yet new, way of treating persistent infections.

University of Warwick welcomes Professor Satyajit Mayor as its first Leverhulme International Professor

The University of Warwick is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Satyajit Mayor as the Leverhulme International Professor.

Wed 12 Jul 2023, 17:06 | Tags: Biology, research, Life Sciences, Leverhulme

New discovery stops bacterial virus contamination

A new discovery by researchers at the University of Warwick could help stop bacteria being contaminated with viruses, reducing disruption and decreasing costs in industry and research.

Mon 17 Apr 2023, 17:01 | Tags: University of Warwick, research, Life Sciences, Chemistry, WMS, Sciences

Can super-speedy plant cells feed a growing population?

New research will investigate whether specialised plant “train tracks” that move molecules in cells could help feed the growing population.

Wed 22 Mar 2023, 09:25 | Tags: Plants, cell biology, School of Life Sciences, Life Sciences, farming

A “zinc” in the armour: could metal help combat common superbug?

A new study has shown that zinc plays a key role in a hospital superbug, that doctors struggle to treat due to its resistance to antibiotics.

Bacteria communicate like us – and we could use this to help address antibiotic resistance

Like the neurons firing in human brains, bacteria use electricity to communicate and respond to environmental cues. Now, researchers have discovered a way to control this electrical signalling in bacteria, to better understand resistance to antibiotics.

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