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Interdisciplinary Research

Interdisciplinary research is ubiquitous at Warwick. Our research is internationally leading, impactful, and provocative. It will change the world, making lives healthier, safer and more resilient, more just and enriched.

Our cross-disciplinary research communities foster interaction and collaboration. Our Institute of Advanced Study is dedicated to advancing new research ideas, characterised by strong interdisciplinarity, innovation and internationalisation. The IAS supports the entire research community to achieve interdisciplinary research excellence.

In addition, many of our research centres and institutes are interdisciplinary by design, such as the Institute for Global Sustainable Development, the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, and many of our University Research Centres.

Many of our partnerships, such as with the Alan Turing Institute are also interdisciplinary in nature.

Interdisciplinarity also extends into our vibrant undergraduate community. Through our Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning, we support interdisciplinary student research across a wide variety of subjects.

Our Global Research Priorities also play a crucial role in interdisciplinary research. The GRPs respond to complex multi-faceted global problems that can only be tackled through collaborative research excellence. They unite academics from different disciplines to address some of humanity’s most urgent questions, and create fertile ground for new ideas to flourish, interdisciplinary research to grow and lasting impact to be achieved.

The University is refreshing the GRP programme to ensure it is relevant to today's global challenges. The revised programme will launch in summer 2019.

Global Research Priorities

How could technology improve healthcare? Could genetic modification solve food shortages around the world? What would be the impact on the environment if we all drove electric cars?

Our Global Research Priorities programme addresses some of the most challenging problems facing the world today, providing a platform for multidisciplinary research in 11 key areas of international significance, from food to sustainable cities, energy to innovative manufacturing.

Our programme supports cross-departmental collaboration, enabling our researchers to work together across departmental and disciplinary boundaries on issues of global importance. For more information about the programme, contact GRPResearch at warwick dot ac dot uk.