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Decision Research at Warwick (DR@W)

Decision Research at Warwick (DR@W) focuses on empirical, theoretical and data-driven research into decision making.
DR@W is an interdisciplinary collaboration, comprising researchers drawn from departments across the University of Warwick.

About us

Decision Research at Warwick (DR@W) is an interdisciplinary collaboration, funded by the University of Warwick Behaviour Spotlight. Our world-leading researchers use experimental, modelling and data science approaches to investigate all aspects of human decision making and their implications for individuals, groups and wider society. For more information, please contact John dot Taylor at wbs dot ac dot uk

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The DR@W Forum will return as an in-person series of talks for the 2023/24 academic year.
The DR@W Forum is a weekly seminar series for the presentation and discussion of research findings and theoretical concepts in decision making science and policy. We place an emphasis on new and unpublished work, aiming for a lively and discursive session. We meet on Thursdays during term time between 14:30 and 15:45. To suggest a speaker for a future event please contact John dot Taylor at wbs dot ac dot uk to discuss availability of suitable dates. To receive email reminders about the forum and other events, join the Behaviour Spotlight mailing list here.

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These pages are a resource for University of Warwick DR@W researchers and participants and for anyone who wishes to run experiments in the laboratories of the participating departments. Sign-in to apply for ethical approval, SONA researcher and participant accounts and learn about our laboratory facilities.