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Forthcoming Events:

Celebration of UN World Cities Day at Warwick, 31st of October 2016
9am - 1pm, 31st October 2016 Room R1.13 Ramphal Building, The University of Warwick

What is Warwick doing to address the challenges faced by cities and the people that live in them?
To celebrate UN World Cities Day, the Sustainable Cities GRP is holding a half-day event to showcase cities research at Warwick. This event will offer the opportunity to advance university wide relationships and to learn more about research opportunities linked to cities and the UN HABITAT III New Urban Agenda.

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CONF: 'Artists' Critical Interventions into Architecture and Urbanism', University of Warwick, 15th-16th of July 2016

What happens when fine artists engage with architecture and urban space? What forms can such engagements take? What political issues arise at the junctures between these disciplines?

During the modern period, when artists and critics have often complained that fine art is overly remote from everyday life, one common way of overcoming this gap has been to draw on the greater social efficacy that architecture can seem to provide. However, in other instances artists have used their relatively autonomous position to criticise or interrupt the relationship between architecture, urbanisation and power. This conference will explore these issues as they arise in practices spanning the period from the 1960s to the present, exploring intersections between art, architecture and urbanism both within and outside Europe and North America.

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