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Take part in our competition

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the University of Warwick, the Global Governance GRP invites all staff and students to take part in our artwork competition.

The Challenge

To create a visual representation of global governance. This can be a photo, cartoon, collage or any other artwork.

Competition Entry

To enter, email as many images as you wish, in JPEG or PNG format from your warwick email account to All entries must include a short caption of no more than 20 words and your contact details. Although we are happy for you to submit more than one image to the competition, please note that only one image per person can be considered for the prizes. All images must be the submitter’s own creation and images must not infringe on anyone else’s copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right or privacy right. Upon submission, you retain copyright over the images but allow the GG GRP unlimited use of your images for our publicity purposes. The deadline for entries is 31 January 2015 (midnight GMT).

Winners and Prizes

The entries will be considered by a panel consisting of the GRP GG leadership group – Celine Tan, Malcolm MacDonald and Lena Rethel. The GRP GG academic lead James Harrison will chair the panel. The results of the competition will be announced in term 2. The prize for the best entry is a GBP 100 voucher for the Warwick Arts Centre and a GBP 50 voucher for the runner up. The top 10 submissions will be showcased on the GRP GG website.

GRPGG Artwork Competition


Contemporary society faces unprecedented challenges of global governance. The policy agenda is crowded with issues that are substantially global in nature, such as communications, conflict, ecology, energy, finance, health, labour standards and trade. The ways that these matters are handled (or mishandled) have profound implications for material welfare, social justice, democracy, peace, and perhaps even humanity’s very survival. And yet, it is hard to relate the often rather abstract rules and practices of global governance to what happens in our daily lives. To address this challenge, we invite members of the Warwick community to visualise global governance – through cartoons, collages, photos, sketches and other artworks.