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Event Capture

Friday 7th July 2023

Biomedical Engineering Stakeholder Forum

Researchers, clinicians and industrial partners gathered at The Slate on Friday 7th July for the first showcase event hosted by the School of Engineering, with support from the Health GRP and the Industry and Stakeholder Forum.

Academics from Engineering, WMG and Physics gave presentations on their pioneering work, alongside clinical and industrial partners. The event showcased the diverse research in mathematical modelling, systems engineering and signal processing along with its real-world applications.

Select presentations from the day can be found below.


Introduction to the EventLink opens in a new window

Professor Peter Gammon (Head of Research -- School of Engineering).

Introduction to Research & Impact ServicesLink opens in a new window

Dr Euan Scott (Research Development Officer)

Warwick Biomedical Engineering InstituteLink opens in a new window

Professor Christopher James (Head of Biomedical Engineering Institute)

Sensors in Biomedical Engineering

Professor James Covington (Head of Biomedical Sensors Laboratory)

Metrology for metallomicsLink opens in a new window

Professor Joanna Collingwood (Head of Trace Metals in Medicine Laboratory)

Prolimb and the Gait Lab

Dr Neil Evans (Reader in Systems Modelling and Control)

GSK and AZ CollaborationsLink opens in a new window

Professor Mike Chappell (Head of Systems and Information Stream)

Developing and evaluating measurement of physiotherapy exercises using smartphone sensors

Dr Mark Elliott (Associate Professor, WMG)

Frugal Engineering: medical devices for low resource settingsLink opens in a new window

Dr Davide Piaggio (Head of ABSPIE Lab) with Dr Madison Moon (WHO).

Hearing Aid DevelopmentLink opens in a new window

Professor Nigel Stocks (Director of Warwick Centre for Predictive Modelling

Protective Mechanical VentilationLink opens in a new window

Dr Sina Saffaran (Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow)

Engineering biology for next-generation therapeutics

Dr Alex Darlington (Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow)

THz in vivo sensing: real world applicationsLink opens in a new window

Dr Arturo Hernandez Serrano (Research Fellow - Department of Physics)

Zimmer and Peacock - Biosensors

Dr Martin Peacock (Director, Zimmer and Peacock)