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WHO launches a new Global Initiative on Digital Health supported by the G20 Presidency

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the G20 India presidency announced a new Global Initiative on Digital Health (GIDH) today at the Health Minister’s Meeting of the G20 Summit hosted by the Government of India.

Thu 31 Aug 2023, 14:39 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

WMAHSN July Update

This newsletter delivers the best in news, project spotlights, events, and more directly to your inbox every month. In this issue, you'll find information on the Innovate UK Awards shortlist, Improving Safety Culture guide, project spotlights on XprESS and All Systems Ergo, as well as NIA health inequalities call and NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme.

Tue 01 Aug 2023, 09:16 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

Geometric data science for cancer precision medicine

Dr Deepak Parashar has published a key research paper proposing a novel geometric framework of Hypersurfaces to describe multidimensional clinical trial designs of precision cancer therapy. The methods are a first cross-disciplinary perspective in utilising embedded Euclidean subspaces to visualise the trial design space of master protocols constituting multiple treatments, multiple tumour-types, and multiple mutations for targeted cancer therapy.

 The approach paves the way for visualising multidimensional biomarker data, tumour-agnostic significant associations, integrating multimodal and multi-omic data, and generalisation to higher-dimensional innovative trial designs, offering oncologists guidance in targeting multiple therapies for sensitive groups of patients from diverse datasets.

Wed 31 May 2023, 08:36 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

‘The voices and experiences of the terminally ill must not be side-lined’

Nearly three years on from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and despite significant progress in mitigating some of its worst predictions and effects, Covid-19 remains an ongoing concern for healthcare delivery, staff health and wellbeing and patient safety.

Wed 08 Feb 2023, 12:18 | Tags: GPP GRPNews Health GRP

West Midlands Academic Health Science Network - January 2023 Update

Welcome to your first newsletter of 2023. In this issue, you'll find a case study on over medicating, information on our new Human Factors Service, our latest funding call for SMEs, Meridian Innovation Exchange opportunities and upcoming events.

Tue 31 Jan 2023, 09:31 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

Reflections on ‘ordinary dying’ and the Queen

John MacArtney, CRC theme lead for Palliative Care, co-wrote a blog reflecting on the use of the term ‘ordinary dying’ and how it was not unproblematic to use it to describe the late Queen’s death.

Tue 17 Jan 2023, 10:12 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

West Midlands Academic Health Science Network - December 2022 update

Bringing you the latest WMAHSN news, delivered directly to your inbox, every month. In this issue, we feature news highlights, Meridian Innovation Exchange opportunities and events.

Tue 10 Jan 2023, 10:16 | Tags: GPP GRPNews Health GRP

Covid isn’t over for people with terminal illnesses

Dr John MacArtney, who leads CRC’s Palliative Care theme, has developed a short public engagement film describing the ongoing Covid-19 presents to people with terminal illnesses. This builds on his large ESRC funded study looking at the impact of Covid-19 on hospices, including four reports for clinical practice looking at the pandemic’s effects on patients, carers, staff and senior managers, as well as a policy report developed in collaboration with Marie Curie. 

The blog and film can be found here:

Press release is here:

Wed 30 Nov 2022, 15:08 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP WCRC

£5m award to tackle health inequalities in Coventry through research

WMS and WBS are both involved in an exciting research project with Coventry City Council and partners to tackle health inequalities across the city through research.

£5m has been awarded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) to create a pioneering Health Determinants Research Collaboration (HDRC) in the city.

Coventry’s collaboration will undertake this ground breaking work and includes Coventry University, the University of Warwick, University College London, and University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire as well as a wide range of partners within the community and voluntary sectors.

Paramjit who is the lead for WMS on the project said. "We are delighted to be working with Coventry City Council and partners on this exciting opportunity to address the underlying causes of widespread inequalities in our city. We hope to significantly contribute to effective solutions by embedding research culture within our partner organisations; enabling and empowering them to make a real impact on the lives of our local community.”

You can read the Council's press release hereLink opens in a new window.

Fri 21 Oct 2022, 10:44 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

Financial and sleeping difficulties are key mental health risk indicators in university students

  • Research led by University of Warwick psychologists shows that financial worries and sleep difficulties are consistently associated with poor mental health in students
  • Based on surveys with 895 university students and 547 non-students, the research examined changes to poor mental health symptoms during the pandemic
  • No significant difference in mental health risks between students and non-students of the same age
  • Research reinforces the importance of utilising research expertise to better inform student support services
Thu 18 Aug 2022, 10:28 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

West Midlands Academic Health Science Network - June Update

This monthly newsletter delivers the best in news, project spotlights, events, and more directly to your inbox every month. See what's been happening so far this month...

Tue 21 Jun 2022, 09:01 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

Compromised connections: the impact of Covid-19 on hospice care

Today we’re launching brand new research with @warwickuni@johnmacartney, exploring the impact of Covid-19 on hospices and what this means for the future of hospice care.

Thu 09 Jun 2022, 09:02 | Tags: Cancer Research Centre GRPNews Health GRP

West Midlands Academic Health Science Network - May Update

Welcome to the May WMAHSN Update

We have a new-look newsletter to bring you the best in news, project spotlights, events, and more. See what's coming up in May...

Wed 04 May 2022, 11:08 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

Understanding how to stop ice growth with amino acids

The GibsonGroup, working with the Sosso Group in chemistry have demonstrated that simple amino acids can slow the recrystallisation of ice. Ice recrystallisation inhibition (IRI) is normally associated with ice binding proteins, but the team show that amino acids can also achieve this. Using a combination of experiments and modelling the importance of the structure of the amino acid is explored, and the relative role of ice binding investigated.

Read the paper here.

Tue 12 Apr 2022, 10:53 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

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