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Our Research

Our seven research themes aim to help us achieve our goals.

To discover the projects we support, click on our theme titles. Are you working on a related project? Does your research align with our themes? Get involved and join our research network today.

Circular Economy

Typically, we make something, we use it and then we dispose of it. This is a linear economy. We want to change that. A circular economy extends the amount of time a resource is used. We aim to make the most of a product while in use and then regenerate it so it can be used again. This is hugely important as globally we try to become more sustainable.

Fundamental Materials

This theme combines the study of engineering, chemistry and physics. Our aim is produce innovative advanced materials. We want our technologies to be used in a variety of industrial applications. These range from sensors and coatings, to food and personal care.

Future Materials

There is a keen recognition that future materials will play a transformative role in the global issues of industrial and societal needs. This covers the exploitation of future materials integrated with increasing manufacturing precision and sophistication, across scales, to produce optimised products.

Industrial Biotechnology

Our research looks at how living cells and/or their enzymes can create industrial products. These products will be more degradable, use less energy and create less waste. They can also be better performing than products created using chemicals.

Industry 4.0

Industry and society are changing. We have more smart digital, autonomous and intelligent technologies. To make the most of these changes, we must consider other factors. For example, changes in human skills and in our working environment.

Manufacturing and Materials in Society

This theme emphasises the role of social and humanities research. This work is vital to ensure innovation in manufacturing. It is important to think about the effect of manufacturing on society.


There are regional, national and internationally emerging opportunities in space exploration. At Warwick, we are well placed to leverage our world-class STEM research to support this expanding and exciting area.