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Event Capture

The Workshop on AI in Healthcare took place on the 29th of June 2023 and the intention was to bring together AI professionals, students, and hobbyists from different disciplines to interact with clinicians and medical students from the Warwick Medical School in order to raise awareness and understanding of the issues at stake in the deployment of AI in healthcare and medicine, and to explore interdisciplinarity for improved innovation in future clinical and work practices.

It took months of careful planning and diligence to organize the workshop following the award of funds for implementing the project by the Health and Productivity & the Futures of Work Global Research Priorities in March 2023. Although the initial budget was for 50 participants, a total of 126 participants registered for the event and we recorded over 80 attendees. The relevance and importance of the event was evidenced by the large number of people who either volunteered or consented to help with organising the event and the large turn-out from the medical school and other departments at Warwick. We were also fortunate to have a few people from other universities and the industry in attendance.

The key activities for the day included 2 keynotes and 5 presentations on different aspects of AI in healthcare, 2 competitions (Poster and Pitch Your Concept!), and a very interesting discussion on the ethical aspects of AI in healthcare. In total, there were 4 prize awards – one winner each for the Poster and ‘Pitch Your Concept!’ competitions, and two runners-up.

Feedback about the workshop was requested from participants through an online form. A report is also being compiled to identify the conclusions and major takeaways of the workshop. The report as well as the information gathered from the feedback forms will be circulated to stakeholders and used to shape the direction and objectives of future iterations of the workshop.



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