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Webinar 3 Reflections on the COVID-19 pandemic: Perspectives on productivity, well-being and the futures of work

Webinar 3 - Tuesday 9th June 2020, 11:30am BST

Presenter Biographies and Presentation Topics
'Systems level leadership fit for the future: Lessons from Covid-19'
Professor Graeme Currie

What have we learnt from covid-19 about responding to a crisis? How can system level leadership help to make more resilient systems?

Responding to the immediacy of the crisis produced by Covid-19 is one thing, learning and recovery for a more resilient system in the future is another, not least learning and recovery for our healthcare system. In this presentation Professor Graeme Currie will explore how learning and recovery is essential for nations to cope with an anticipated second wave of Covid-19, as well as future pandemics.

Graeme's work has been recently published in leading international journals, such as Academy of Management Journal, Human Resource Management, Public Administration Review, Organization Studies, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Leadership Quarterly, Human Relations, Journal of Management Studies, Social Science and Medicine. Current research grants, in which Graeme plays a major role, are: translation of research evidence through CLAHRC WM (funded by NIHR), absorptive capacity of commissioning networks in health and social care funded by NIHR HS&DR. He works closely with senior levels of a number of public services organisations (NHS, Police, local authority), third sector (Ear Foundation), and private sector (Alliance Boots), all of whom have provided research funding beyond that identified above. His work is interdisciplinary, involving colleagues from other divisions, such as enterprise (focusing upon leadership and innovation), within WBS, and working relationships at a strategic level, with colleagues in the Medical School.

'Out of Office: Supporting staff wellbeing when the home becomes the workplace'
Dr Mark Elliott

How do we define wellbeing? How has the impact of covid-19 effected our wellbeing?

In this presentation Dr Mark Elliot will explore the negative ways in which working from home has effected and the surprising benefits.

Mark is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Digital Healthcare, WMG and PI of the WMG Motion Capture Laboratory. Mark's core research focuses on human movement analytics. His research uses signal processing and data science approaches to monitor, measure and model movement in a range of different contexts. A key focus of his current research is in the area of osteoarthritis, using measures of movement and activity to provide personalised planning of joint replacement positioning and post-surgical monitoring of recovery. His work further extends into the broader area of using wearable and on-the-body sensing devices to make objective measures of human behaviour and behaviour change. Recently, this research has focussed on the use of financial incentives to drive physical activity behaviour change. Much of Mark's research is highly applied and involves collaborating with commercial and NHS partners. He is currently Data Analytics Theme Lead for the EPSRC funded OATech+ Network and on the steering committee for the EPSRC funded VSimulators facilities at Bath and Exeter Universities. Prior to his current position, Mark was a Research Fellow in the Sensory Motor Neuroscience (SyMoN) lab at the University of Birmingham. He completed his PhD at Aston University, developing intelligent systems to discriminate between different walking patterns. Before completing his PhD, Mark qualified with an MEng in Electronic Systems Engineering (Aston University) and worked for 3 years as a Design Engineer in the telecommunications industry.

'Drug Repurposing in the age of Covid-19?'
Dr Ayfer Ali

Dr Ayfer Ali is a Lecturer in the Strategy and International Group at Warwick Business School. She has a PhD in Health Policy/Management from Harvard University/Harvard Business School and a BA with honors in Economics from Harvard College. Her research is focused on innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare with special interest in the pharmaceutical industry. Her expertise is in markets for technology ? patenting and licensing of inventions in the pharma and biotech industries. She has been particularly interested in drug repurposing and user (physician and patient) innovation in health care. Most recently she has been studying the role of serendipity in the discovery of new drugs and new uses for existing drugs and the way in which serendipity can be harnessed for strategy development more generally. Dr Ali's work has been published in top management journals such as Organization Science and Research Policy and has been featured in the Financial Times, the BBC and the Economist. Dr Ali received the 2013 Best Dissertation Award from the INFORMS Technology and Management Section and her work was nominated for a best paper award at the Strategic Management Society annual conference in 2012. At WBS Dr Ali teaches in the Masters and MBA programs. Prior to coming to WBS, she taught at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in Spain and worked at Analysis Group/Economics and Compass/Lexecon providing consulting services for industries as diverse as IT, credit cards, oil and gas and healthcare.

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Professor Graeme Currie

Dr Ayfer Ali

Dr Mark Elliott