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Contractors are essential to the operation of the RTPs, involved in delivering, installing and maintaining our equipment to the removal of assets at end of life and infrastructure modification. It is essential that the competency of our contractors is checked before procuring their services.

There is a standard contractor process outlined by H&S (see links opposite), including guidance on competency checks. These must be passed via host department technical team or Health and Safety contacts for sign-off. If not on the University financial systems, they must also be added (contact the RTP Administrative Officer). As many contractors supplying specialist research equipment may not have documented evidence or procedures, it is vital to include Health and Safety contacts in assessing competency.

Note, just because a contractor is on OPeRA/SAP or has been used in the past does not provide evidence of current competency or the necessary insurance documents are in place. Therefore, please check with H&S for the latest list of approved contractors and if any additional information is required in advance of any site visits. If in doubt, ask for the evidence following standard processes rather than assuming competency or cover. An accessible record of this evidence must be kept by the RTP, and the induction carried out. Also ensure copies of RAs and SOPs for work are provided, assessed and kept on file.

Additionally, any local host department processes around contractors need to be adhered to.