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Edit a video in eStream

You can edit a video that you have uploaded to eStream using the Edit Studio. Edited items can replace the original recording, or be saved as a new video.

  1. Once logged in to eStream select My Home from your profile link at the top right
  2. Click the search button to show all your uploaded recordings, or filter using the media type or part of the name.
  3. Select the video that you want to edit by clicking on the title.
  4. Click edit video from the detail section

This will open the edit studio where you can make various changes to the video including trimming the video timeline, adding a voice over track or text, combine videos into a new recording; or adding images/slides to the video playback.

Basic editing

You can take a tour of the editor or get specific guidance on using additional features via the Help button in the top right of the editor page.

The editor display

eStream editor

  1. Left panel and video screen - show media that can be added to the timeline. Additional video and audio can be included in your edit by clicking the sources tab then click load source. Content must be uploaded to eStream before being available here
  2. Right video panel - shows a preview of the edit
  3. Timeline - shows all elements of your edit. Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

Trim unwanted content

Once in the video editor screen you will see the original video content in the left panal.

  1. Move to the point in the video where you would like the clip to start, then click the stopwatch icon found under the video panel to the left of the start timer
  2. Do the same for the time you want the video to end, this time click the stopwatch icon to the right of end time
  3. Click Add Clip - a green box indicates this content on the timeline.
  4. To preview the edit click play button under the right video panel.
  5. If you need to adjust the start and end times, select the content in the time line and click the del button, then follow the previous steps.
  6. Once you have finished editing click save and chose a new name for the content
  7. Click submit to publish the content and follow the prompts to choose the quality level

You can access previous edits via the MyHome space, accessed by hovering over the profile icon in the top right, then clicking my edits.

Adding text

Text can be added over sections of video to help highlight points or transitions to new topics. Start by adding the video to the timeline using the above steps, you don't need to choose a start and end time if you want the full clip.

  1. On the right hand video panel move the video to where you want the text to appear.
  2. Click on the Add Title button.
  3. Enter your text and drag and drop it to where you would like it on the screen. You can adjust size, colour and font from the top of the screen.
  4. Click confirm to save edit.
  5. The text element will appear as a blue section in on the text timeline. you can extend or shorten the time this is on screen by dragging either end, move the position on time by click and dragging or return to editing by clicking the box and then clicking edit in the popup.

Adding additional video, images or audio track to the edit

All content you wish to use in your edit must first be uploaded to your eStream profile

Add video and audio

To add additional video or audio to an edit you must first upload the content to eStream

You can add this to your project by clicking the sources tab then click load source

Add image

As with audio and video images must first be uploaded the to eStream

On the right panel of the editor click Add Still to find and add the content

The information on this page relates to eStream and was last updated December 2020.


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