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Introduction to eStream

eStream is a media streaming service available to all staff and students at the university. It can be accessed using standard Warwick IT account details at

The service converts uploaded media content into web friendly files (MP4/MP3) that are of a suitable size and format to stream over the web. The software also generates a universal embed code which provides an easy way of embedding media content into online services such as Moodle, Mahara and Sitebuilder. Video and audio files are streamed using HTML5 technology enabling content to be viewed using the majority of browsers and devices, including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android.

eStream also provides a range of useful tools that enable the sharing and management of media content and a set of Moodle plugins extend the functionality of the Warwick VLE.

Key Features of eStream
  • Universal embed code making it easy to deploy media content in a variety of online systems
  • Consistent playback experience for everyone regardless of browser or device
  • Upload large media files up to 6GB in size
  • Live streaming and screencasting
  • Easily add video and audio content to Moodle without leaving the VLE
  • Set Moodle assignments that students can respond to with video and audio submissions
  • Ensure that content is accessible to a wider audience with the use of closed captions

Moodle Integration

eStream integrates directly with Moodle allowing users to upload media content to the VLE without leaving Moodle itself.

eStream also enables teaching staff to create media based assignments allowing students to respond with video or audio submissions, safe in the knowledge that their content is private and secure.

The information on this page relates to eStream and was last updated December 2020.


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