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Create a page

This guide explains how to create a new blank page. In Mahara, portfolio content is added as artefacts, grouped onto pages, and pages are added to collections to show to people. Each page can be thought of as an exhibit in a Museum or Art Gallery, bringing together related items, with information to scaffold the artefacts and create a coherent performance.

For detailed instructions on adding content (artefacts), pages and other items that can be tagged, please see the relevant guides. You can re-use artefacts that you create in as many pages as you wish.

Pre-populated pages can be created using Tags.

Create a basic page

  1. Click on the main menu icon, expand the Create section, and select Pages and Collections, or click on Create on the Dashboard.
  2. Click on Add, and select Page.
  3. Add a page title - provide a title for the page.
  4. Add a brief description summarising the page. Do not add page content to this section.
  5. Add Tags to the page. You can choose from your existing tags by starting to type a letter and then selecting the tag you want to use. You can also type a new tag, and it is added to your list of tags.
  6. Click save to create the page or add advanced options (see below).

Do not add all your content into the page description. This should be a very short description or overview of the page. Content should be added using text blocks, notes or journals (etc).

Add advanced page settings

These settings are particularly useful if the page is to be copied by others as part of a template for example.

  1. Click on advanced to open these additional, mostly non-mandatory, page settings.
    • Instructions - pages can be set up with instructions that sit at the top of the page rather than needing to use a text block.
    • Lock blocks - lock blocks to a page preventing their deletion from the page by setting this to yes.
    • Name display format - choose how you want your name to appear on the page to others.

The information on this page relates to Mahara 20.04 and was last updated August 2020.


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