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Academic year rollover

What is academic year rollover?

Each academic year new blank Module spaces are created on Moodle ready for teaching content and activities to be added. Moodle will not automatically copy your content from a previous academic year in to the new academic year. The Academic Year Rollover tool allows a nominated individual to enter the rollover decisions for each module in a department.

Most systems at Warwick use August 1st as the start of the new Academic Year, and rollover will normally be available shortly after this.

Who is responsible for making rollover decisions?

Ultimately the course leader and teaching team are responsible for deciding how the course should be created for the following year. The nominated individual responsible for entering the decisions in to the system will differ in each department.

If you are not sure who your nominated individual is in your department please contact moodle at warwick dot ac dot uk

What decisions need to be made?

A blank Moodle space will automatically be created for all UG and PG modules in SITS. For each module you will be asked:

  • To decide whether to import content from last year, import content and staff enrolments, create a blank space, the module is no longer required or apply the module default template.
  • Whether to remove manual staff enrolments from the previous academic year.
  • Whether to remove staff edit permissions.

If you have any questions about rollover decisions please contact moodle at warwick dot ac dot uk

When will Moodle spaces be available?

The availability of Moodle spaces for each academic year will normally be available by the end of September if rollover decisions are made by departments in advance of this time. Moodle spaces are not automatically rolled over.


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