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Choose a course format

This guide lists the formats available in Moodle at Warwick and explains how to change the current format for your Moodle space.

We strongly recommend reading our accessible course formats guide before choosing one of the following formats:

  1. Topics - each section fully expanded with a title and contents visible in a long list.
    Example: If your course is objective based and each objective may take different amounts of time to complete.
  2. Weekly - organised with a section for each week of your course.
    Example: If you want all your students to work on the same materials at the same time or to match up materials with weekly lectures and seminars.
  3. Collapsible topics - a version of the topics format that adds collapsing behaviour to sections in order to reduce page size.
    Example: Replicate the weekly format allowing for large amounts of materials for each section without making the page too long to use effectively, reducing the need to scroll.
  4. Social - designed around a forum for a more free-form experience.
    Example: A space that is not a course or module but an area for exploration of concepts outside the core curriculum.
  5. Single activity - a single section with a single activity.
    Example: Hosting a standalone quiz relating to an event that has non-interactive elements held online elsewhere.

There are two other formats currently available, Collapsed Topics and Grid, but these are not accessible and we do not recommend their use.

To change the format of your course

Switching between formats does not affect the course materials and activities in the space, just the way that they are displayed - unless you are switching to Single Activity. For this format, you must have removed all other activities including Announcements.
  1. Click the cog icon in the top right of your Moodle course space.
  2. Click Edit settings.
  3. Click the Course format header to expand the section.
  4. Select the appropriate format for your Moodle space from the drop-down Format menu.
  5. Choose additional settings for this specific format or leave as default:
    • Topics - collapse or hide hidden sections; show sections on a single page, or one section per page.
    • Weekly - collapse or hide hidden sections; show sections on a single page, or one section per page.
    • Collapsible - collapse or hide hidden sections.
    • Social - number of discussions to show.
    • Single activity - the type of activity this will contain.
    • Collapsed - includes number of sections, collapse or hide hidden sections, number of columns, orientation of columns, icons, colours etc.
    • Grid - collapse or hide hidden sections; show sections on a single page, or one section per page, image container alignment, width and ratio, colours etc.
  6. Click Save and display.
The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.10 and was last updated September 2021.


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