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Plagiarism and Technology

The University has policies to address academic integrity, plagiarism, source-matching and cheating.

It is important to support students in their understanding of academic integrity and also to design and deliver assessments to minimise the opportunity for plagiarism.

More information can be found on the Academic Integrity page, which also includes links to other resources to support students in understanding and avoiding plagiarism.

Warwick subscribes to a tool called Turnitin that provides a "source-matching" functionLink opens in a new window on text-based assignments. Turnitin compares uploaded assignments to a huge bank of texts from thousands of other institutions. It is integrated with Tabula, Moodle and MyWBSLink opens in a new window assignment management.

Guidance on its use is available through the Education Policy and Quality unitLink opens in a new window and guidance on its integration is available through the assignment management tool you use (see links above). Please refer to the policy in your department.


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