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Filtering Data for Reports

Filters enable a user to set criteria for choosing data from the database for a report, to make reports more accurate and specific. When filtering results data, please note that results will only be included if they match all of the specified filters.

The filter tabs visible to a user while creating a report will depend on the type of the report. Filters by Group, by Date and by Special Field are available to all reports. Where suitable, data can also be filtered by participant, by assessment status or by assessment result.

To filter by Date select Dates tab and choose desirable settings from available options:

Filter by Date

To filter by Group select Groups tab, then use search or list of available groups to find the group, click on the group name to select it and click Add to add the group to the filtering criteria:

Filter by Group

To filter by Special Field open Special Fields tab and set criteria for available demographic fields (for QMP in Warwick the only available demographic data are First Name, Last Name and email address):

Filter by Special Fields

Where available, filter by Assessment status can be applied from the Assessments tab:

Filter by Assessment Status

The information on this page relates to Filters and was last updated August 2020.


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